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From now on...(well because I can't be bothered backdating) ;-) Apr. 28th, 2004 @ 11:15 am

This doesn't mean you can't join or we don't want you to, Its just a measure to stop prying eyes and spammers
Everyone is welcome
see you in paradise
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Rant aimed at bro and Jo Feb. 26th, 2004 @ 12:13 am
That rhymes! :P

My bro is REALLY going to screw up my computer, he keeps installing all hese weird programs... now I suddenly had global dialler breaking off my connection and doing funnny flashes in my taskbar.
And grr... he wouldn't give me the comp and now I get it... after 12!

At Jo just because she made me click that empty link in her last post ;) How incredibly frustrating (A) Hehehe
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Feb. 25th, 2004 @ 03:05 pm
How about him?

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The ranter feels: giddygiddy

Feb. 25th, 2004 @ 02:57 pm
LOL well agree on one I dont mind I know my blue bobels are the best but i can keep em for my LJ ;-)
and ducky you should be eating even if its junk food! hehe
I am soo bloody cold!
Nothing much to rant about went to the hospital with my dad god I hate hospitals and the ugly buildings that surround them
Luckily he wasnt in long though I nearly fell asleep cos it was way too warm,
The ranter feels: coldcold

Feb. 25th, 2004 @ 03:05 pm
dear ranters refuge....rr..rrrr...rory :P

aha it has a name now! :D

Noooo not the aliens!! Can we have ones we've made ourselves? I might make a whole range with three eyes or something:


mua ha ha :P

Ugh just got back from BCOT..that course is STULTIFYING!!! Telling me things I already know...occasionally you find something you didnt but that's as rare as a sheep that can sing ::)

Off home any minute...as soon as taxi gets here...maybe I'll find some chocolate and sit at the pc with it....or snuggle with my rat in my room *sigh*

:P My telephone literate, sock stealing rat ;) nya ha ha
The ranter feels: depresseddepressed
The ranter hears: whirrrrrr says the computer
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» De-Friended :P
Russin fussin :P You see dead people Jo ;) I'm not REALLY here (A)

Ook rants...

headache in lecture, and she went into overtime! And.. grr.. Ducky not eating anything properly other then her evil black lipstick :P

Oooh they had a strike outside of our lecture, something about stockbrokers and pays or what not.. anyway looked like fun, only I'm off to see a friend, so couldn't be bothered :P

See you when I see you..

And Alien Smilies are good ;)
» (No Subject)
yup, black lipstick...with glitter in...extra nutrition :P

Oooh smilies....*morphs into a bouncing hamster*
» (No Subject)
well ray they are the default ones what kind dya want?
and will you stop posting as friends only?
I look like I am talking to myself rofl!

ok so which smileys desicions desicions
» (No Subject)
Ooops me and ray posted our last two entries as friends only...hehe force of habbit!

and black lisptick? cool hehe if only I had the guts to wear it :-D make a cool fashion statement!
» (No Subject)
is this how it works? *scratches head in confusion*

hope so...anyhoo..



*flounders and looks for something to say*

*fails horrifically*

you know....aside from the inevitable black lipstick and half a peice of toast I havent eaten anything all day :o

And I'm liking this private forum thingy Jo ;D *wonders whether mysterious people will join and post like they do her journal*
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